Winter 2018 Schedule: M 8:15-10:15 PM, W 9-11 PM, F 7:15-8:20 PM, all in Crown multipurpose room

What is judo?
Judo is a Japanese Martial Art and Olympic Sport similar to modern wrestling. Judo is most often recognized by its spectacular throws, but also involves pins, chokes, and joint lock techniques. One of the most practiced sports internationally, judo can be practiced by anyone with dedication and a good attitude.

How do I join?
Join our listhost, our Facebook page, and show up to practice. You'll be asked to sign a liability waiver. Due to school restrictions, membership is limited to UChicago students, faculty, staff, and their spouses. For non-university members, Tohkon Judo Academy,
our parent club, serves the Chicagoland community and is a low-cost non-profit.

Are there any expenses?
The UChicago Judo Club doesn't have any membership fees, although a UChicago gym membership is required to enter
Henry Crown. After you decide judo is the right sport for you, it is recommended you purchase a judo gi. Instructors can assist
you with this purchase. The only other possible expenses are tournament registration fees and membership to the
United States Judo Federation (required for competition).

What should I bring to practice?
If you have a judo or jujitsu gi, wear it. Otherwise wear comfortable, durable, athletic clothing.
Long pants and sleeves are ideal. No footwear is worn on the mat.

Other questions may be sent to Alex Mine at
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